Friday, September 24, 2010

Schleich Review

We were pleasantly surprised the day we received our package of Schleich animal figurines in the mail. As part of the Homeschool Crew, we were lucky enough to receive a set of seven animals to review. This set included the Gnu, Gnu Calf, Indian Elephant Calf, Donkey, Przewalski's Horse, Okapi, Swabian-Hall Pig, and Dartmoor Pony. Out of the package, I immediately noticed the company’s commitment to detail. The animals are so lifelike! The molds used to form these figurines include the smallest details: hair, nostrils, and eyes so shiny they look alive! The horse has silver horseshoes, the pig’s tiny foot is split…they are just amazing. They are durable and the perfect size to handle for children of all ages. As soon as I unpacked them, my 5 year old daughter was playing with them. I assumed that my almost 9 year old son would not be interested in them but I was wrong. Within minutes, they had an entire town set up and the animals were the main attraction. We have never owned or played with Schleich products before and we really were missing out on something special. A toy that requires nothing but your child’s imagination…that’s a great toy! In addition to the animals that we received, the company offers a large variety of play figures including people, dinosaurs, farm animals, knights, vehicles…the list goes on. Prices range from $3 on up to $180 for some of the more expensive play sets. They can be purchased at several local retailers such as Target, Barnes and Noble and many online retailers. While pricier than standard toy figurines, they are worth the extra cost. The attention to detail and durability along with the wide assortment of products makes them well worth the price. These are toys that will last a lifetime.

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