Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Salem Ridge Press Review

My next review as part of the Homeschool Crew is for Salem Ridge Press, a young company with old values! The goal of Salem Ridge is to locate and re-publish quality children’s books from the 1800s - early 1900s…books that feature positive role models that reflect and uphold Biblical standards. Each book is carefully selected by homeschool-graduate and founder, Daniel Mills. Daniel selects only the books that he feels reflect good moral character. Where necessary, books are edited to remove offensive language or other inappropriate content or behavior.

I received Soldier Fritz and the Enemies He Fought, a soft cover book available for purchase for $10.95. This book is geared for ages 8+ and features a young boy who aspires to follow the lead of Martin Luther and be a soldier for the Lord. In e-book format, I received Mary Jane Her Visit ($12.95), the second book in the Mary Jane series geared for ages 6-10. In this book, you follow Mary Jane’s activities while visiting her grandparents. I also received The American Twins of the Revolution ($12.95) a true adventure story from our nation’s history.

Based on what I have read in their books and on their website, I think any parent can feel confident in their purchase of a Salem Ridge Press book. You will receive a quality product that reflects wholesome living. I do recommend that you adhere to the suggested ages as the language of the books is sometimes difficult to understand. I found myself stopping to explain certain passages to my 6 and 8 year olds and in some instances; they lost interest because we could not read at a smooth, uninterrupted pace. Regardless, the books and our children are worth the effort!

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